Blood Clot – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Blood clot causes square measure many. they’re usually caused by long periods of inactivity. Long stays within the hospital, sitting for terribly long periods and contraception pills square measure a number of the opposite causes. once we cut our skin, blood oozes out and if we have a tendency to press and hold it for a short time it coagulates and stops. however blood flowing through the body must always in liquid kind. while not the uninterrupted flow of blood within the body, tissues and cells can die out. blood symptoms embrace swelling and aching of the affected half. folks that square measure fat or have heart issues square measure within the high risk class. unhealthy veins additionally induce the natural process of blood.


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When clots do happen they bring to an end blood provide to the brain leading to a stroke. Clots may also induce heart attacks. A clot fashioned in any a part of the body will travel through the veins to the lungs. Such a clot is termed a coagulum. Clots fashioned totally different|in several|in numerous} components of the body square measure best-known by different names. Some folks inherit the tendency of larger coagulation. This condition is understood as hyper activity and is very dangerous.


Travelling in an exceedingly plane or automobile, sitting for long periods could induce a clot. Stretching legs, on the road within the plane or obtaining down from the automobile to maneuver around square measure necessary to forestall it from doing therefore. Stretching exercises are terribly useful.

Cancer patients square measure a lot of liable to clots. Symptoms embrace swelling and pain. pain and shortness of breath square measure indicators of the blood moving to the lungs.


Some of the necessary medicine accustomed stop clots square measure polysaccharide and anticoagulant medication. folks happening long distance journey will take an endeavor of polysaccharide as a fortification. it’s usually used blood treatment. polysaccharide acts a lot of quicker than the opposite medicine. Men have a larger probability of getting a clot than girls.

Doctors still don’t seem to be too certain concerning medication and indefinite quantity. however immediate treatment will increase the probabilities of recovery. Patients with differing kinds of cancer United Nations agency square measure treated with statins show reduction in natural process.


People who square measure liable to blood clots ought to keep their legs at the next level on a pillow once they sleep or raise the lower finish bed posts by some inches. Compression stockings are terribly helpful in preventing the clots. like most alternative diseases healthy food, exercises and weight management square measure necessary within the interference of clots. blood symptoms additionally would like medication and a amendment in life style.


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